Yuri "The Fury" Andreov is the Warlord Lieutenant in Pursuit Force Extreme Justice. He was Sarah's killer and his vehicle is an SBS Battle Tank. Yuri also appears to be wearing a Balaclava on his head, and his face is never really shown in the game. Yuri Andreov was once an ex Spetsnaz sniper and tank commander who once leaded a Spetsnaz platoon of 150 Soldiers. This granted him with great leadership skills and with lots of capability in combat. After the fall of the Soviet Union he went into hiding working as a mercenary for who ever hired him. However some time between the events of Pursuit force and Pursuit force: Extreme Justice the General hired him to be his new lieutenant because he knew that the ex Spetsnaz soldiers would feel more comfortable working with a fellow Russian ( Yuru Andreov).