Whiplash was the leader of the Vixens and the founder of the gang, she is responsible for all of the heists commited by the Vixens, and she was eventually cornered by The Cop, who destroyed her car forcing her to jump from car to car, until she eventually called in her personal Gunship, but despite this and considerable backup, she was still defeated by the Cop, ending the Vixen crime spree.


Whiplash, as the leader of the gang, was fairly arrogant and overconfident, but she was still very clever and smart, baing able to organize a large amount of heists in a short time, and she was also strong and quite agile, being able to leap from car to car, and still maintaining a firm grip on a car, while using one hand to wield her weapon. She also appeared to have some martial arts training, because in the intro movie for the gang, she is shown performing a Roundhouse kick on a S.W.A.T. team member, and also using various moves on the other officers in the scene.


Electromagnetic whip:A powerful EMP whip, it could disable cars and render their steering useless.

Gunship:More of a transport, but still a powerful weapon, this gunship was armed with rocket launchers and a grenade launcher.

Ceramic:Though she is not seen using it in the game, in the image above the gang's symbol, she is seen wielding a Ceramic which is a silenced, full auto pistol.