Warlord General

The Warlord General in Extreme Justice

The General is the commander of the Warlords. In the first game, he is shown with a general's uniform, with a metal hand, an eye patch and a cigar in his mouth. At the end of "General's Revenge", the ship the General was on was destroyed by The Cop, showing the wreckage and contents that were inside, including his helmet. He is then shown going to Cuba.

In the second game after going to ground in Cuba for some years, and with most of his loyal troops either dead or incarcerated, The General decided to recruit a new army of professional soldiers. The General has enlisted / recruited ex USSR mercenaries to fill the ranks of  the new Warlords. At the end of "Death From Above!" The General tries to nuke the city. The Pursuit Force Commander boarded his plane. During a battle with the General, he reveals that Viper Squad is responsible for the entire plot, while the Warlords have gone rouge already. After the Commander defeated him, Commander Decker shows up and is upset The General went renegade. The General tries to attack Decker but is than killed by a Viper Squad sniper.

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