The Striker twins are Lockjaw's lieutenants, they first appear in "scum an crossed bones" in Lockjaw's Hovercraft, but they will not be aggressive. They appear to be a Brother-and-Sister Duo, while the Sister's name is unknown, the Brother is named Travis.

They return in "Half-life hijack", where they are co-ordinating the Raider assault. They would be found at the end of the base. They will escape with nuclear material. After all the Raiders are killed, the commander will get in a Raider off-roader and pursue them.

Fighting the Striker TwinsEdit

The Striker twins will be in two quads and will shot explosive arrows at the player. When one of them gets shot down. It will jump to the other Striker twin quad.

This time it will be a lot more hard to take down them because one is driving and the other is shooting at the player, so they will avoid the player's shots and shot at the same time. After the player destroys their quad, one of the Striker twins will be crushed by the hybrid car-boat Striker twins' car, but the other will jump to one the wings of the warlord's large airplane (the airplane was there to retrieve the nuclear material).

The last Striker twin, Travis Striker, will be in the plane's platform and will shot explosive arrows at the commander.

After the player kills the Striker twin, he will fall off the plane.