Stefano "Deadeye" de Tamaso is one of the Don Capelli's "Capodecimas", a made man. The two have been friends since childhood and when the Don came into power he brought De Tomaso into his inner circle. He earned the nickname "Deadeye" after losing an eye when he was tortured by another mafia family to force information about the Capelli family, early in the Don's reign of power. But De Tomaso never cracked, and managed to escape. The incident left him a bitter man though. He became more violent and began training with sniper rifles and carrying out the most important hits for the Don. Over the years he has become a crack shot and a long list of city officials, rival mafia family members and police figures have been ticked off his hit list. After the Don, to whom his loyalty is as strong as ever, he is the second most wanted member of the Capellis.