The Raiders are a gang of transport pirates from 'the deep south' who steal transports so that they can recover the cargo that is inside it led by Lockjaw. They were called into Capital State by Viper Squad to help The Warlords with the construction of the nukes which according to Viper's plan would be stopped before they could do damage. The first trouble that the Raiders cause is in 'Scum and Cross Bones' when they attack the boat with what later turns out to be uranium on it which The Commander and Ashley halt them from being able to obtain it. Once the uranium is transported onto the truck the Raiders once again try to obtain it ('Highway Robbery') and are again defeated by the Commander and Ashley with Gage driving the Off-Roader. The Raider lieutenants The Striker Twins manage to steal the Uranium loading it onto a truck which after a battle between the Commander and the Twins (costing the Female Striker Twin her life) is picked up by a plane, While the Commander's attempts to bring the plane down are cut short by the Warlord lieutenant Yuri "The Fury" Andreov he beforehand manages to bring down the Male Striker Twin.

The Raiders are next seen in 'Trained To Kill' when they attack a train headed for a nuclear outpost. Which ends with Viper Squad cutting off their choppers that are on the attack.

The Raiders play a part in the theft of the Navy's Jamming equipment which gives Pursuit Force trouble in 'a New Quarry. Which leads to Pursuit Force taking out their secondary base with the jamming Equipment in 'Jamming Session'.

Soon after their jamming equipment was annihilated The Raiders had their base destroyed by Pursuit Force. In a last ditch effort Lockjaw and his few remaining henchmen escape from the collapsing base in the 'Swamp King' (referred to by the Chief as the 'Raiders Boss hovercraft'), a showdown with the remaining Raiders and Lockjaw with his harpoon gun end in Lockjaw being shredded by the hovercraft's propellor leading to the 'Swamp King' blowing up and finishing off any remaining Raiders.

A former member of The Vixens is said to have joined the raiders after The Vixens were defeated two years prior.

Pursuit Force Extreme Justice OST - Raiders Theme

Pursuit Force Extreme Justice OST - Raiders Theme

The Raider Theme