Monster Toshima is the leader of the Killer 66.

Monster Toshima was a sumo wrestler and had a love for fine cars. He founded the killer 66 as part of an American division for the Yakuza based in Japan. Japanese crime lords helped Monster Toshima fund his gang and thought of Monster Toshima as a pawn they can use to commit smuggling operations of drugs and contraband in the United States and based Monster Toshima in Capital city. At the time of Monster Toshima's arrival in Capital city in 2000 the gang in charge of the city was the Capelli Crime Family. The first member of Monster Toshima's new founded Japanese gang was an samurai obsessed maniac named Sadeko Arakawa who would become Monster Toshima's right hand man. Many Japanese gangsters and other Asian gangsters joined the Killer 66. The killer 66 enjoys success for five years until Pursuit Force was established and the gang became a target for annalihation by the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Capital City. To intimidate the Mayor of the city Monster Toshima orders his men to kidnap his daughter to make the mayor order Pursuit Force to not interfere with there affairs and to take some of the mayor's money in the process. Pursuit force gets the daughter back and starts dismantling several of Monster Toshima'a operations like stealing millions of dollars from the stadium and eventually killing Sudeko who was to transport a super drug to make the gang unstoppable. After Pursuit force destroyed most of his gang Monster Toshima personally goes on his truck with his personal guard to try and make one last robbery and kill the Commander who destroyed most of his gang. Armed with a Flamethrower Monster Toshima tries to take out the Commander however fails and is severely wounded before falling onto a fuel tank that was used for his Flame Thrower blowing himself up and his Truck. With his death his gang is finished and many of the members of the gang are thrown in jail, dead or fled Capital City.

Legacy: A former member of the Killer 66 escaped prison two years after Master Toshima's death with the convicts led by Hard Balls. He recognized the Commander as the same Cop who killed his boss and friends two years prior. The former Killed 66 gang member swore revenge for Monster Toshima and his dead friends however is not able to achieve his goal leaving Monster Toshima's death and the death of the killer 66 unevanged.