Lucy, disguised as the Syndicate Lieutenant.

Lucy was an MI5 agent whom infiltrated the Syndicate by becoming the girlfriend of Ed 'The Shark' Pincer (The Syndicate Leader). [1] She first makes an appearance in 'Achieving new heists' when she orders 'the package' (Military Schematics) to be transmitted to The Syndicate's helicopter [2] and provides the escaping Syndicate goons with additional help in attempting to eliminate the Commander. [3] She later appears in 'Catch 66' attempting to flee with the Physicist after the Recruits make it into the Warlords' base, the Commander gives chase in the Super Pursuit Car, during the chase Lucy calls for help from the Shark whom calls her a liability, (the reason on why he abandons her is unclear though debated between that he had found out about her true identity or that he simply had no more use for her), with the lack of support Lucy quickly ends up losing control of her vehicle thanks to the Commander continuously ramming her, just as the commander has her at gunpoint she reveals her identity as an MI5 Agent.[4] In 'Trained to kill' she is assigned as the Helicopter Pilot replacing Sarah (whom had died in 'Half Life Hijack' after the Helicopter was blown up by the Warlord Lieutenant.)[5] After 'Trained to kill' she gives the Pursuit Force information as to the current situation informing them and the player of the warlords using the weaker gangs to gather the nuclear warhead (nuke)'s parts.[6] From there on out she serves a vital role as the Helicopter Pilot and even serves as the informer (The Chief's position) after the Chief is hospitalized by the bomb that blows up the Pursuit Force HQ.

  1. 'Catch 66' Chief: The Shark's Girlfriend is taking off with the physicist!
  2. 'Achieving New Heists' Lucy: Begin Transmitting the package.
  3. 'Achieving New Heists' Lucy: Hang tight men, i'm sending some muscle to help out.
  4. 'Catch 66' Doctor Pertwee: thank god! That witch almost killed me! Lucy: Good work Columbo, you just blew our entire MI5 Operation. Another triumph in American Intelligence!
  5. 'Trained to Kill' Ashley: What is SHE doing here? Lucy: Figured you meter maids could use some professional assistance. Chief: Lucy's gonna be flying the chopper from here on out, hopefully you kids can learn to play nice.
  6. Act II Cutscene