Lt. Davies appears in the intro movie for The Warlords (four times) and in 3rd mission "Atomic Ambush" as a boss in the first game (Pursuit Force). Once you complete the stage (or chapter) in "Atomic Ambush" of defeating all the Warlords who assault the airbase, a cutscene will play with Lt. Davies and a Warlord soldier descending out of a Warlord attack helicopter, with Lt. Davies landing on the back of the Nuclear Warhead carrier with the other Warlord jumping into the driver's seat, creating a chase and boss sequence.

Lt. Davies' appearanceEdit

Lt. Davies wears a black gas mask (with the eye holes glowing orange for some reason), a shirt of a dark sandy colour, a black backpack with straps going around the front, desert camoflague (sandy colour and brown) trousers (if you're English) / Pants (if you're American) and black boots (I had to give description because I can't find any pictures of him at the moment).

Lt. Davies' weaponEdit

Lt. Davies' weapon is either an L.M.G. (Light machine gun) or an Assault rifle with custom L.M.G. style magazine with a grenade launcher that launches gas canisters that releases a purple poison gas in the boss fight.