The Killer 66 were driving four different kinds of cars. Their most frequently used car is a 4 door sports saloon named Ryoku Katana R. Its real life origin is not certain as it may recall either a Subaru Impreza, Nissan Skyline or as some say even a BMW. The Katana appeares in two colours: red and grey. Both versions are decorated with dragon-style vinyls and are visually tuned. Basically both versions should perform the same but
Pursuit-force-20050420112622441 640w
apparently the grey model seems to be weaker as shot at. A modified version of the Katana was also used by the Killers´ lieutenant Sudeko in the third mission as he was attempting to escape. The fourth vehicle used is a two seater convertible also painted and decorated with dragons. The front of the car is most probably based on 1999 Toyota MR-S but the back looks more like a Nissan 350z. All cars (exept from the boss truck) can be unlocked during the gameplay and be used
Ryoku Katana R
in the time trial races.
Killer 66 Convertible