The Killer 66 was a gang, led by Monster Toshima, and seconded by Sudeko Arakawa, and wielded the UWC SMG7 and the Stockler and Beck Punisher.

"Deadly vehicle smugglers"


The Killer 66 were first seen when they kidnapped Porsha, but Sarah Hunter, the Chopper's pilot, chased after them in the Chopper, while The male manned the chopper's mini-gun, destroying the escorts of the car holding Porscha, and followed the remaining car to a Killer 66 hideout, and proceeded to eliminate all of the guards stationed there, he spotted Porscha already in one of the cars, and quickly jumped in, and drove away as fast as he could, while the remaining Killer 66 drove an armored car, which couldn't be penetrated by the Cops gun, after them, and despite the constant complaining of Porscha, the Killer 66 backup, and the truck, he still managed to escape them, and save the Mayors daughter. Then, they stole money from the stadium, and the Cop headed over to stop them. Unfortunately, he was too late as they killed all the guards and started to escape. The male ending up taking down Monster Toshima.


2 years after the events if Pursuit force a former member of the Killer 66 who was sent to prison after the gang's defeat joined the new Convicts and escaped with them. After recognizing The Commander as being the same Cop who killed his old boss 2 years prior and threw him in prison vowed revenge however he didn't succeed. `

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