Hell Hath no Fury is the 17th mission of Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

Mission ObjectivesEdit

1.Destroy the tank and the off-roaders

2.Chase the tank

3.Get close to the tank so that Ashley can place explosives on the tank.

4.Take out Fury


  • in the shop one of the warlord in action photo/artwork shows The Commander holding grenades and furys tank that is usually seen in the mission. These are the kind of grenades that the Commander occasionally throws into the tank in the mission. After dropping a grenade into the tank Fury will pop up with a "pwhaa pwhaa" cough giving you time to shoot him before he starts to shoot back.
  • in the final case in the Vixens where you are fighting Whiplash she'll have a quote "hell hath no fury like a women scored!" Which is the title of the case.