Hard Balls is the leader of the Convicts. Hard Balls is as tough as they come. Raised on the streets of Detroit he has done time in nearly every maximum security jail in the United States, and escaped from them all. In an attempt to hamper his excursions, the Prison Governing body made a unique ruling that he was to have a half ton iron ball clamped to his arm. This absurd ruling led to his nickname.

Instead of hampering him, Hard Balls uses the ball to his advantage. His superhuman build allows him to use this great weight as a deadly weapon. Feared by the state and respected by the criminal underground Hard Balls is the ruthless leader of the Convicts and America's most wanted felon. He tried to take a bus to the border of Capital State and escape his chasers. Though the Police found out about Hard Balls plan so The Cop chased after him and he got him. When The Cop put a bullet into him, he fell off the bus and the bus ran over him. Hard Balls went back to jail. He would later escape prison. He tried to kill Lucy and The Commander with the Driller but they escaped. He later tried to attack Alpine Town with the Demolisher but was defeated when The Commander climbed it and dropped a wrecking ball on him.

Hard Balls served as the main antagonist of the Convicts arc, as well as a major antagonist in the sequel.