Gage is a blonde haired dropout who serves Pursuit Force as the support driver by getting to The Commander's position in the Super Pursuit Car / Off-Roader and providing cover fire. He is labelled as a bit of a daredevil for several stunts including jumping over the Pacific Gate Bridge in 'no Mercy', [1] attempting to locate who betrayed Pursuit Force on his own [2] and his attitude when he and the Commander attack the Raiders' base in 'Swampland Showdown'. [3]. Despite his notably charismatic nature and tendency to be the joker of the recruits he generally has the abilities to back up his words in his driving skills but as seen in 'Summit on the Summit' he like the rest of the recruits lacks ability with a weapon on his own. [4] Gage is generally seen as the recruit who serves the most additional use to the player because the amount of damage that Preach does in missions pales in comparison to damage that Gage can do. [5]

Sources / Quotes Edit

  1. Lucy when Gage jumps the bridge in 'No Mercy': "You're bloomin mad!"
  2. Gage in Incident Room after 'No mercy': "Shut up Geek! I went off to find out who did the bombing, but almost got my head blown off!"
  3. Gage after the Vehicles section: "yeah! This place is like a theme park of death!"
  4. Gage: "we need some backup chief! We're getting swarmed by convicts!"
  5. Tested by User:Matticusmadness with results that Preach can do approximately one third of the damage that the Commander with no upgrades can do, meanwhile Gage can do damage at about the same speed as the Commander with Lightning Reload (20% faster Reload) activated. Tests carried out on 'Reaching New Heists' and Viper's Venom'.