Dr Pertwee is one of Capital State's leading nuclear phycisists who appeared in Pursuit Force Extreme Justice. He is at first captured by the Convicts [1] whom after a chase from the Commander and Gage results in a failed rescue [2] the gangs force him to create nuclear bombs. [3] He is later rescued by the Commander [4] and assists them by constructing new objects for the Commander such as a new Primary gun [5] and the enhanced Super Pursuit Car. While many of the Pursuit Force dismiss him as nerdy because half the time they cannot understand the complex things he says [6] even the Chief admits that he is quite a useful character to have around. [7]

  1. Ashley, Incident Room, Act I: Hey Chief, we just got a flash message from the department of justice, Doctor Pertwee, one of the state's leading scientists, has been kidnapped by the convicts
  2. Act I Mission 3 'Science in Motion'
  3. Act II Cutscene: The scientist you rescued was was told his family would be killed if he did not work for them. Since then Doctor Pertwee has been assembling the components
  4. Act II Mission 4: Catch 66'
  5. Dr Pertwee: One more thing Commander, I have been working on a new gun for you. i think you'll get a BLAST out of it, haha!
  6. Preach: Yo, is he even speakin English?
  7. Act III Mission 4 'Jamming Season' Briefing: That Egghead Pertwee is proving himself quite useful