Convicts are rampaging, psycho, jail breakers.They are prisoners from Capital City's Jail. The leader on this gang is Hard Balls. He also has a lieutenant named Billy Wilde Hard Balls' gang has three types of people in the first game: a fat guy, a African American man, and guy who has a police vest. In the first game they usually, have weapons named a Sawed-Off and the Nail-Hammer. When the Convicts escaped jail, they will blow up cars, throw things at citizens of Capital City, and kill people. They will destroy anything in their path. They also want freedom so they tried to take a bus they customized to the border of Capital state to escape their chasers. Though the Police found out about the Convicts plan so The Cop chased after them and he gets them. When the Cop put a bullet into Hard Balls, he fell off the bus and the bus ran over him. The Convicts went back to jail.

A wedding of The Commander and fellow team mate Sarah Hunter is attended, which is then destroyed by the Convicts, who have escaped from prison once again to come and take revenge on the Pursuit Force. Shortly afterwards, a police chase commences. Shortly after stopping the convicts, Pursuit Force is about to apprehend Billy Wilde when a new police task force called Viper Squad appears to handle the situation themselves. The Convicts later kidnap nuclear physicist Dr. Pertwee. The Commander tried to save him but he is kidnapped by the Warlords. The Convicts appeared to have joined forces with The Warlords and The Syndicate. The Warlords gave the Convicts a bomb to blowup a tram car, but were stopped by The Commander. It seems that the Convicts, The Syndicate and Raiders are merely the deliverers of the nuclear cargo, as it is the Warlords who intended with their own reasons to launch nukes at Capitol City. Hard Balls later tried to attack Alpine Town with the Demolisher but was defeated when The Commander climbed it and dropped a wrecking ball on him.


Leader: Hard Balls

Second Boss: Billy Wilde

Type: Escaped Prisoners

Weapons: [http:// Stone & Western Sawn-Off Shotgun]

Dragon Nail Hammer

Nail Gun


Bolt Thrower

[http:// Pulverizer]

Molotov Cocktail

Mounted Machine Gun