Decker was the Chief and leading commander of Viper Squad who led the squad from both the front line and from the sidelines and as responsible for their demise. A clever mind capable of organising a plot insane enough that Pursuit Force was almost wiped out.

He is the main antagonist of Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

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Commander Decker with two Viper police officers.

Plot involvement Edit

Commander Decker made his first appearance with the rest of Viper Squad in 'The Big Day' where he tries to convince Pursuit Force to let Viper take custody of Billy Wilde despite the hostility and dismay of another Pursuit Force officers The Chief tells Pursuit Force to stand down. He then announces Viper Squad's 'Capture' of Billy Wilde to Capital City (much to the annoyance of Preach). His next appearance is with Viper Squad at the end of 'Trained to Kill' when they take hold of the Missile Launcher train. Decker disappears after handing over Brass Knuckle Bob (A Syndicate gang member) to Pursuit Force (setting the scene for 'A new quarry') but some say that he ordered Ashley to double cross Pursuit Force and become her lieutenant (though not confirmed.) After his original plan fails he orders Viper Squad to destroy the city. When Pursuit Force stops this plan Commander Decker attempts to make a run for the nuclear warhead detonation point in Viper's Mobile Headquarters which The Commander destroys. As his squad and Headquarters fall apart around him Decker attempts to escape in his Squad Car, though it's not enough and Decker meets his end after The Commander blows up his car and shoots him in the head killing him.

Attitude Edit

Commander Decker is seen as a ruthless commander who isn't about to share Capital State's police requirements with any other police firms. Because of his attitude nobody suspects that secretly he has planned a complex plan to put down the Pursuit Force, upon revelation of his plan it is revealed that he is actually very clever but there are better ways that he could have applied his knowledge. In 'Separation of Power' it is revealed that he (alongside Ashley) intended to turn Capital City into a independent fascistic Police State free of the US government.