Billy Wilde is the Lieutenant of the Convicts, and a natural-born maniac. He is Hard Balls' second in

command. In the first game he is shown with a straightjacket, a Hannibal mask, and one side of his head shaved. Thoroughly ruthless with a twisted sense of humor, he is feared by all but Hard Balls. He is America's most infamous arsonist. Born into a rich family, his criminal tendencies were apparent at the tender age of four where he attempted to set fire to a petrol station on a family outing. Fortunately for the family their Nanny intervened, only suffering minor burns. As he matured his criminal insanity grew to epic proportions.

Following a string of similar incidents Wilde was sent to an orphanage and moved from family to family, leaving burnt out carcasses of family homes with each rehousing. At eighteen Wilde was first sent to prison where he continued his infamous fiery career. Finally it was decided that he be sent to Fort Asten Maximum Security Prison where he was bound in a straight jacket and masked to ensure that he could do no further damage. He is considered to be one of the most dangerous and intelligent criminals in the United States. He is prone to escaping custody.

In the first game he is taken down by The Cop.

In the second game he attacks the wedding of The Commander and fellow team mate Sarah Hunter with the Firebreather. Shortly afterwards, a police chase commences. Shortly after stopping the convicts, Pursuit Force is about to apprehend Billy Wilde when a new police task force called Viper Squad appears to handle the situation themselves. Billy Wilde would somehow get away from Viper Squad and return with the Firebreather but he was taken down by the Commander once again. He would tie

Billy Wilde to the hood of his car to get information out of him. After a drive Billy Wilde gave up information that the Warlords were delivering a bomb to the Convicts at the tram depot when the Commander got there Billy Wilde would escape yet again and set the depot on fire.

He is, with Lucy and Sudeko Arakawa, one of the few lieutenats that will not die.
Billy Wilde

Billy Wilde's appearance in Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice


Billy Wilde in the first game.