Ashley is one of the new recruits that was recruited by Pursuit Force in the 2 years between 'Pursuit Force' and 'Pursuit Force Extreme Justice'. Like Gage and Preach she was recruited for a certain ability, hers was providing  cover fire like the rest of the recruits and placing explosives. She first appears in the 'Incident Room' after Viper Squad make off with Billy Wilde (where she states she would rather have killed him then arrested him) [1] and is a regular contributor in 'Incident Room' chatter. She shows a deep passion for doing the killing part of her job on several occassions. [2] [3] [4] For Pursuit Force she plays her largest roles in 'Marina Mayhem' when she infiltrates The Shark's boat and 'Summit on the Summit' when she saves the mayor and company from being blown up by the Convicts' bombs that are being set on the cable cars.

Like her Recruit counterparts Ashley disappears after the incident with the bomb that blows up Pursuit Force's HQ, it is in 'Separation of Power' when she attempts to kill the President that her true nature as Viper Squad's lieutenant and Pursuit Force's mole are revealed. Her three attempts to kill the President [5] land her into a showdown with the Commander where after a hand to hand combat battle she ends up falling from her Helicopter to her demise.

Sources Edit

  1. Ashley: "We should have put two in his head when we had the chance."
  2. 'Fire Fight' Ashley: "Get me close to the Convicts, I feel like breaking some teeth!"
  3. 'Fire Fight' Ashley: "We should have put two in his head when we had the chance." Chief: "No kidding, don't bother using cuffs this time." Ashley: "I never do."'
  4. 'Trained to Kill' Ashley: "Get me close to the boats, I feel like kicking some Raider ass!"
  5. the first is the Sniper Rifle while the Commander is in the President's car. The second is her 'Constrictor' Helicopter's guns when The Commander, Gage and The President are in the Off-Roader. the third is a second attempt with the Sniper Rifle which is foiled by Gage